bandm meta_tools
introduction Principles and Surveys
message/location/muli Auxiliaries for Logging and Text Navigation
format Formatted Output of Term Structures
dtd W3C Document Type Definitions: Parsing and Rendering
xantlr Extension of the Antrl-Tool to produce XML Parse Trees.
tdom Typed XML Document Model
ops Under Construction !Functional Operators for Java
paisley Under Construction !Pattern Matching and Construction Algebra
metajava Java Model in Java
umod Model Generator
option Command Line and Gui Options
auxiliaries Collected Small Utilities
d2d XML for Creative Authoring
downloads & licenses Download of Examples, Sources, etc.
people Who's done it, Contact information
white papers Collected small memoranda: Document Identifier; Locations; Namespaces; Encoding; Error handling
white papers 2 Collected small memoranda: XML Entities; Encoding in XML
white papers 3 Paradigmatic (self-)applications of metatools
project struct proposal How this project and an application of these tools could be organized.
SOURCE:option.dtd Source DTD for the option package
SOURCE:dtd.umod Model definition for a dtd
DOC:deliverables.ddf D2d document type user's documentation of module "general purpose: basic deliverables".
DOC-DE:deliverables.ddf D2d-Dokument-Typ Strukturbeschreibung auf Deutsch. Modul "general purpose: basic deliverables".
DOC:mtdocpage.ddf D2d document type user's documentation "mtdocpage" = meta tools doc page.
DOC-DE:mtdocpage.ddf D2d document type user's documentation in German "mtdocpage" = metatools Benutzerdokumentationsformat.