Class EnumerationAttribute<V extends Enum<V> & EnumerationValue>

Direct Known Subclasses:
Attr_align, Attr_checked, Attr_dir, Attr_disabled, Attr_multiple, Attr_readonly, Attr_selected, Attr_valign, Element_a.Attr_shape, Element_area.Attr_nohref, Element_area.Attr_shape, Element_bdo.Attr_dir, Element_button.Attr_type, Element_form.Attr_method, Element_img.Attr_ismap, Element_input.Attr_type, Element_int.Attr_format, Element_object.Attr_declare, Element_option.Attr_required, Element_optionlist.Attr_defaultSorting, Element_optionlist.Attr_fragmentedLists, Element_optionlist.Attr_setterFunctions, Element_param.Attr_valuetype, Element_pre.Attr_xml_space, Element_rep.Attr_kind, Element_script.Attr_defer, Element_script.Attr_xml_space, Element_style.Attr_xml_space, Element_table.Attr_frame, Element_table.Attr_rules, Element_td.Attr_scope, Element_th.Attr_scope

public abstract class EnumerationAttribute<V extends Enum<V> & EnumerationValue> extends TypedAttribute<V>
Base class for all generated classes which realize an Attribute with an "enumeration type", like
      f (a | b | ..c:d | e-_0123) #IMPLIED
For each such attribute a new enumeration type will be defined, as static inner class of the attribute's class. This class is called "Value". It will be used as the type parameter for the generated Attribute's class. The methods are type-safe, as a TdomAttributeSyntaxException is only thrown when an attribute is absent (null) and not #IMPLIED.

According to [XML 1.0], grammar rule [59], an Enumeration type consists of a set of "Nmtoken". These are words made of letters, digits and few punctation characters. But the items of the enumeration must be valid Java identifiers. They are of the form
"Value_" + makeJavaName(s)
while that method replaces "." ":" and "-" by underscores.
The generated enumeration type will get a EnumerationValue.getStringValue() method to re-translate any value into its original external representation.
The String arguments of the following methods but use this original wording of the enumeration values.