Class Element_a_footnote.Content

All Implemented Interfaces:
Matchable<Matcher>, TypedContent, Visitable<Visitor>
Enclosing class:

public static class Element_a_footnote.Content extends TypedElement.MixedContent<Element,Extension> implements Visitable<Visitor>, Matchable<Matcher>
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    • host

      public void host(Visitor visitor)
      Description copied from interface: Visitable
      Send the visitor to this instance.
      Specified by:
      host in interface Visitable<Visitor>
    • identify

      public void identify(Matcher matcher)
      Specified by:
      identify in interface Matchable<Matcher>
    • getAltCount

      public final int getAltCount()
      Description copied from class: TypedElement.MixedContent
      Returns the number of different variants, NOT including "#PCDATA" in the content model.
      Specified by:
      getAltCount in class TypedElement.MixedContent<Element,Extension>
      the number of different variants, NOT including "#PCDATA".
    • isElement_a_scaps

      public final boolean isElement_a_scaps()
    • toElement_a_scaps

      public final Element_a_scaps toElement_a_scaps()
    • isElement_a_larger

      public final boolean isElement_a_larger()
    • toElement_a_larger

      public final Element_a_larger toElement_a_larger()
    • isElement_a_treeInclude

      public final boolean isElement_a_treeInclude()
    • toElement_a_treeInclude

      public final Element_a_treeInclude toElement_a_treeInclude()
    • isElement_a_pers

      public final boolean isElement_a_pers()
    • toElement_a_pers

      public final Element_a_pers toElement_a_pers()
    • isElement_a_spanstyle

      public final boolean isElement_a_spanstyle()
    • toElement_a_spanstyle

      public final Element_a_spanstyle toElement_a_spanstyle()
    • isElement_a_ref

      public final boolean isElement_a_ref()
    • toElement_a_ref

      public final Element_a_ref toElement_a_ref()
    • isElement_a_ldots

      public final boolean isElement_a_ldots()
    • toElement_a_ldots

      public final Element_a_ldots toElement_a_ldots()
    • isElement_a_blink

      public final boolean isElement_a_blink()
    • toElement_a_blink

      public final Element_a_blink toElement_a_blink()
    • isElement_a_label

      public final boolean isElement_a_label()
    • toElement_a_label

      public final Element_a_label toElement_a_label()
    • isElement_a_xlang

      public final boolean isElement_a_xlang()
    • toElement_a_xlang

      public final Element_a_xlang toElement_a_xlang()
    • isElement_a_persop

      public final boolean isElement_a_persop()
    • toElement_a_persop

      public final Element_a_persop toElement_a_persop()
    • isElement_a_opus

      public final boolean isElement_a_opus()
    • toElement_a_opus

      public final Element_a_opus toElement_a_opus()
    • isElement_a_hh

      public final boolean isElement_a_hh()
    • toElement_a_hh

      public final Element_a_hh toElement_a_hh()
    • isElement_a_p

      public final boolean isElement_a_p()
    • toElement_a_p

      public final Element_a_p toElement_a_p()
    • isElement_a_footnotetext

      public final boolean isElement_a_footnotetext()
    • toElement_a_footnotetext

      public final Element_a_footnotetext toElement_a_footnotetext()
    • isElement_a_link

      public final boolean isElement_a_link()
    • toElement_a_link

      public final Element_a_link toElement_a_link()
    • isElement_a_bold

      public final boolean isElement_a_bold()
    • toElement_a_bold

      public final Element_a_bold toElement_a_bold()
    • isElement_a_ulin

      public final boolean isElement_a_ulin()
    • toElement_a_ulin

      public final Element_a_ulin toElement_a_ulin()
    • isElement_a_strikeout

      public final boolean isElement_a_strikeout()
    • toElement_a_strikeout

      public final Element_a_strikeout toElement_a_strikeout()
    • isElement_a_nl

      public final boolean isElement_a_nl()
    • toElement_a_nl

      public final Element_a_nl toElement_a_nl()
    • isElement_a_kind

      public final boolean isElement_a_kind()
    • toElement_a_kind

      public final Element_a_kind toElement_a_kind()
    • isElement_a_ital

      public final boolean isElement_a_ital()
    • toElement_a_ital

      public final Element_a_ital toElement_a_ital()
    • isElement_a_footnotemark

      public final boolean isElement_a_footnotemark()
    • toElement_a_footnotemark

      public final Element_a_footnotemark toElement_a_footnotemark()
    • isElement_a_table

      public final boolean isElement_a_table()
    • toElement_a_table

      public final Element_a_table toElement_a_table()
    • isElement_a_image

      public final boolean isElement_a_image()
    • toElement_a_image

      public final Element_a_image toElement_a_image()
    • isElement_a_smaller

      public final boolean isElement_a_smaller()
    • toElement_a_smaller

      public final Element_a_smaller toElement_a_smaller()
    • isElement_a_verbatimXml

      public final boolean isElement_a_verbatimXml()
    • toElement_a_verbatimXml

      public final Element_a_verbatimXml toElement_a_verbatimXml()
    • isElement_a_cite

      public final boolean isElement_a_cite()
    • toElement_a_cite

      public final Element_a_cite toElement_a_cite()
    • isElement_a_src

      public final boolean isElement_a_src()
    • toElement_a_src

      public final Element_a_src toElement_a_src()
    • isElement_a_footnote

      public final boolean isElement_a_footnote()
    • toElement_a_footnote

      public final Element_a_footnote toElement_a_footnote()
    • isElement_a_indexlo

      public final boolean isElement_a_indexlo()
    • toElement_a_indexlo

      public final Element_a_indexlo toElement_a_indexlo()
    • isElement_a_indexhi

      public final boolean isElement_a_indexhi()
    • toElement_a_indexhi

      public final Element_a_indexhi toElement_a_indexhi()
    • isElement_a_list

      public final boolean isElement_a_list()
    • toElement_a_list

      public final Element_a_list toElement_a_list()
    • isElement_a_emph

      public final boolean isElement_a_emph()
    • toElement_a_emph

      public final Element_a_emph toElement_a_emph()
    • isElement_a_xemph

      public final boolean isElement_a_xemph()
    • toElement_a_xemph

      public final Element_a_xemph toElement_a_xemph()