Class Format.FreeVariable

All Implemented Interfaces:
Formattable, Serializable, Cloneable
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public static class Format.FreeVariable extends Format.Variable
Variable identified by a alphanumeric name which can be bound explicitly.
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  • Constructor Details

    • FreeVariable

      public FreeVariable(String name)
    • FreeVariable

      public FreeVariable(String name, int indent)
      Set index and indentation value. ???? FIXME WIRD NICHT VERWENDET !?!?
  • Method Details

    • indent

      public Format.FreeVariable indent(int i)
      Unsupported Operation. Variables will be replaced completely> by some other format before the containing format will be laid out and printed. This includes the indentation value. For a constant indentation behaviour for any such replacement use an expression like
       append(empty.ident(i), new FreeVariable(name))
      Specified by:
      indent in class Format
    • eval

      public Format eval(Format.Context c, boolean partial)
      Replace this by the binding defined in the context. If no such binding exists leave this unaltered if partial==true, otherwise throw the exception defined by Format.Variable.bottom().
      eval in class Format
      partial - decides when a Variable not defined in the context is found: if true the Variable stays aunaltered; if false an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.