Class Element_form

All Implemented Interfaces:
Attr_class.Owner, Attr_dir.Owner, Attr_id.Owner, Attr_lang.Owner, Attr_onclick.Owner, Attr_ondblclick.Owner, Attr_onkeydown.Owner, Attr_onkeypress.Owner, Attr_onkeyup.Owner, Attr_onmousedown.Owner, Attr_onmousemove.Owner, Attr_onmouseout.Owner, Attr_onmouseover.Owner, Attr_onmouseup.Owner, Attr_style.Owner, Attr_title.Owner, Attr_xml_lang.Owner, Locatable<XMLDocumentIdentifier>, Identifiable, Matchable<BaseMatcher>, TypedContent, Visitable<Visitor>

<!ELEMENT form (p | h1 | h2 | h3 | h4 | h5 | h6 | div | ul | ol | dl | pre | hr | blockquote | address | fieldset | table | noscript | ins | del | script)* >.
Required attribute: action.
Optional attributes: enctype, onmousemove, onmouseup, method, onclick, onkeyup, title, dir, onmouseover, onreset, onkeypress, accept, accept-charset, ondblclick, xml:lang, onmouseout, style, onmousedown, id, onkeydown, onsubmit, lang, class.
This class realizes the element definition from the source DTD.