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Contains base and auxiliary classes for code generated by tdom.

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Package Description

Contains base and auxiliary classes for code generated by tdom. This package contains For a bird-eye description of user input, compilation and run-time classes see the tdom user documentation.
Naming conventions for the doc texts in this package:
The [XML] specification is not very clear w.r.t. the distinction of a model instance, the external representation as a text file, and the exact time point of parsing. For the discussion in the resp. method definitions we define
  1. "tdom model" to stand for all Java source files, generated when applying TypedDOMGenerator to one particular DTD file (or to an internal DTD model), and the class files compiled therefrom,
  2. "the underlying DTD" to stand for this particular DTD,
  3. "tdom model instance" for a collection of objects/instances of the classes of such a tdom tdom model, representing one particular text object by classes from the tdom model,
  4. "Element's class" and "Attribute's class" to stand for the classes generated for one particular Element or Attribute definition from the DTD,
  5. "model (instance) initialization" to stand for the exact time point when parsing a text file, or receiving a SAX event, or executing an Element's class constructor explicitly from some user's code. I.e. all possible activities which create a fresh instance of an Element's or Attribute's class. The wording "... when initializing (a tdom model instance) ..." is meant accordingly.
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see also the complete user documentation .