Class TypedDTD

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    public abstract class TypedDTD
    extends java.lang.Object
    Common superclass for generated subclasses called "", one for each tdom generated model. Implements runtime reflection information and factory methods.
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        public static final java.lang.String DTD_ENCODING
        Encoding for parsing a DTD text file input, currently fixed to "UTF-8".
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final java.lang.String ORIGINAL_DTD_RESOURCE_NAME
        The name under which the DTD text file must be accessible in directory of generated model class files.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • setErrorHandler

        public void setErrorHandler​(ErrorHandler newErrorHandler)
      • getDTD

        public final DTD.Dtd getDTD()
      • getDTDSource

        public final java.lang.String getDTDSource()
        Returns the text contents of the DTD text file used for this tdom model.
      • getChecksum

        public final long getChecksum()
        Returns the CRC checksum of the text contents of the DTD text file used for this tdom model.
      • getDocumentId

        public XMLDocumentIdentifier getDocumentId()
        This is only a default method which ALWAYS will be orverridden !?? bttodo FIXME ??
      • getElementIndex

        public final int getElementIndex​(java.lang.String tagName)
        Returns the numeric index of the element with the given tag, as stored in an internal instance of ElementIndex.
      • implementContentModel

        protected final void implementContentModel​(java.lang.String tagName)
      • extractSingleton

        protected static final org.w3c.dom.Element extractSingleton​(ContentMapping content)
      • parseContent

        public final ContentMapping parseContent​(org.w3c.dom.Element element)
      • printStatistics

        public static void printStatistics()
        Prints statistics on parsing time to System.err.
      • createLocator

        public org.xml.sax.ext.Locator2 createLocator()
      • createLocator

        public org.xml.sax.ext.Locator2 createLocator​(java.lang.String encoding)
      • getInterfaceInfo

        public abstract TypedDTD.DTDInfo getInterfaceInfo()
        Gives access to all reflection info objects.