Class LLJava.ConstantPoolEntry

All Implemented Interfaces:
Formattable, Cloneable
Direct Known Subclasses:
LLJava.AbstractDynamic, LLJava.ConstantUTF8, LLJava.Loadable, LLJava.MemberRef, LLJava.NameAndType
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class LLJava.ConstantPoolEntry extends Object implements Cloneable, Formattable
Abstract base class of constant pool entries.
Objects of subclasses of this class represent potential constant pool entries of a class file virtually. The actual constant pool of a class file will contain only data for those entries that are referenced from the rest of the class file. Note that apparent references to constants from load instructions may be optimized away by selecting a specialized instruction.
(This definition has been created by UMod from the source at SYSTEM "LLJava.umod":131.1, see this pretty print.)
  • Constructor Details

    • ConstantPoolEntry

      public ConstantPoolEntry()
      Synthetic minimal constructor provided by the umod compiler.
      Constructor with minimal set of arguments, supplied automatically by the umod compiler, not explicitly by user.
      (All object fields are set to their default values.)
  • Method Details

    • doclone

      public LLJava.ConstantPoolEntry doclone()
      Clones this object. Method never fails, since Cloneable is known to be implemented.
      a fresh copy.
    • format

      public Format format()
      Delivers a format object for pretty-printing by inheritance from some ancestor class.
      Specified by:
      format in interface Formattable
      a format that represents this object in a pretty-printable way
    • initFrom

      public LLJava.ConstantPoolEntry initFrom(Object o0)
      Copies values of all common fields from the argument. All fields of this class definition are copied, iff the argument is of this class. Then the superclass method is invoked with the same argument.