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<!-- XML 1.1 DTD PUBLIC "+//IDN bandm.eu//DTD d2d_gp/muli.dtd"  
                        "http:/bandm.eu/doctypes/d2d_gp/muli.dtd" -->

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom PUBLIC "+//IDN bandm.eu//DTD d2d_gp/muli.dtd"  
              "http:/bandm.eu/doctypes/d2d_gp/muli.dtd" ?>

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom xmlns="http://bandm.eu/doctypes/d2d_gp/basic" ?>

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc - Source format for multi lingual support.
 An instance hereof can e.g. be read by CatalogByString
 and by CatalogToJava.
 <br/> See also the <a href="../../../../../../../usage/messageLocation.html">user documentation</a>.

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom public translationfile?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc translationfile List of multi-lingual translations. ?>
<!ELEMENT translationfile (entry)* >

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom private entry?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc entry      All translations of one key into several languages. ?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc entry@key  Key for retrieving the translation text. ?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc entry@lang When set: the language for which the attribute @key is already
a valid translation. ?>
<!ELEMENT entry (text)* >
                lang NMTOKEN #IMPLIED

<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom private text?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc text      Translation into one particular language. ?>
<!-- ?tdom --><?tdom doc text@lang Language of this translation. ?>
<!ELEMENT text (#PCDATA) >

<!--  TEST fuer nicht-error : !ATTLIST text lang CDATA #IMPLIED> -->


<!-- eof -->

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