Morton Feldman's "Projection 1 to 5" as tscore model

This page presents the results of analyzing an re-modelling the important historic compositions "Projection 1" to "Projection 5" (1950-1951) by Morton Feldman.
This project serves as a test application for our tscore modelling framework. It has been inspired by the similar application in the Neoscore project, carried out by Andrew Yoon.

The executable application comes as a ".jar" file and requires "Java 11". (Otherwise it will die a windows system without any diagnosis information !-)

The software is in the public domain and source code publication is in preparation. (A tedious task !-) It allows to browse a graphic rendering of the re-realistions of Feldman's original scores, and to interpret them with different strategies, as described in the publication, when your computer environment can produce "General Midi" sounds.
This is for scientific and educational use only, friendly permitted by Edition Peters, NYC.
The publication appeared on the Tenor 2024 conference and will be available soon.


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